Is my ex playing maindgames?

So after my ex dumped me I went in TOTAL NO CONTACT.
Deleted FB and changed number.

He tried to contact me couple of times (wrote letter, called on Skype) but I ignored for 28days.

After that he calls my mom to say how he's heartbroken and stuff and he asks for my new number and I agree.

Now he re-added me on Skype and sent me "We can talk here if YOU need to talk xx" (wth)

I answer: "Well I don't have you in my list anymore and you deleted me too, I thought you asked for my number?"

After that he has been off line (I think I am blocked) so he does all this effort, I answer and nothing...

is he expecting me to chase him or something?


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  • Yes, he hopes you will now try to get back in touch..

    • So by now ignoring me and staying off line on Skype he is hoping for me to panic and call him maybe?

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    • One of you has to swallow pride here! Youm both feel the same way.
      How romantic! l

    • Emm... I don't know if he feels the same way... No... :(
      Would make things much more easier

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  • Fuck him. Ignore the shit outa him and find your self a real man


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  • i think he is playing games. ignore him


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