Why would a woman shutdown?

I had an ex come back pretty hard for me. Long story short, she put a ring on (I had given her 1.5 years ago) two days before we met back up.

It appears this happens a lot in her history, but when she gets to the "rubber hits the road" moment, she starts to bail. Meaning, she has to slow things more and more until it comes to a halt.

What's with this? Why would someone refuse to become vulnerable?

She also made a comment on how she wants what her parents and brother have. Something is causing her to put her walls up.


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  • It's obvious that she wants to be with u but her wanting to take it slow doesn't mean her feelings for u are any less. Maybe she is looking at it in long terms and there's no need to rush. She does seem to have some issues being open, so if u care, u will work with the small window she is giving u. Maybe she's damaged or just scared? Try not to judge but help her when she feels uncomfortable


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  • She sounds insecure about sharing an honest, intimate connection. I would say, start slow, be there for her--especially emotionally, and try not to have too many expectations for the outcome. She may have some horribly traumatic thing that has happened that is causing her to stay wary. Just be her friend for now, and if she wants things to love forward--and if that's what you want, I think she'll start dropping some hints.


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