Should I fight for him?

It was a perfect 2 year relationship, however I went to Uni & he wanted to join the marines & we agreed splitting up might be best. He was contacting me for a month and asked to meet me, we confessed we both still had feelings but he felt we couldn't be together so began a 'friends with benefits' type relationship, I confessed I had been on a date when we split, & my ex said he literally felt cheated on & had lost trust in me despite the fact we weren't together at the time.
I confessed I wanted more than this, so he explained that he still had feelings & hated the thought of me with anyone else, but that he felt the love had faded however stated it would be perfect in 5 years time. he again explained he needs to be on his own whilst joining the marines, which I completely understood.
I explained how this felt too much like a relationship so he made it clear we weren't back together & therefore began liking girls pictures 'for a confidence boost' & brought up the subject of being able to talk to other people however in now way meet up with them.
We were at mine where I received a phone call off an old male friend, my ex overheard my male friend ask if I was still with my ex which I replied 'no', I could see my ex was hurt but he simply said that 'the phone call was just shit'
The next day I was going out with some friends in town & uploaded a picture of myself onto Facebook in a dress which showed my cleavage which got a lot of male attention on likes and comments, then whilst drunk I unawarely deleted my ex off Facebook.
I confronted him (thinking he had deleted me) & he said that I looked like a cheap desperate attention seeking f'in slag in the picture i uploaded and wanted nothing to do with me. I asked him to meet but he said he didn't think he wanted to. 2 days later I realised I had deleted him so apologised, which lead him to apologise also, then we left it there. I'm 2 weeks into no contact. Why is he so hurt but doesn't love me? Do I fight for him?
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  • Let him go. He doesn't want to have anything to do with you, and that's that. Live your life, as he will live his.

    • What was the main aspect which makes you think this if you don't mind me asking?

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  • Marines are supposed to be tough. He can't even handle an ex flirting, my goodness! m


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