Ex Girlfriend ended it 1.5 weeks ago, she doesn't know why, she said she's never gotten to know/love someone better, hardest thing she's ever done?

We lasted 6 months and we both had thoughts of it lasting forever, all her past relationships had been ended by her and never lasted more than 3 months, she always said i was special and different.
She stare at me and say "you are just too good to be true" and we connected on a deep emotional level.
she began to start feeling "off" and didn't know why, I said I'd be there for anything she needed, but she didn't want to annoy me? and if there were things that i did unintentially i'd agree to stop those small things, but she said if i made those adjustments she'd feel like its cause she told me to, and she doesn't want to change me cause she loves me and doesn't want to change me.
everytime she had a problem, i would pick up her mood and she said "if i ever try to leave you DON'T let me :)" and everything was great.
when she'd feel "off" she had other things going on in her life and i feel that she put it down to perhaps the fact that it was the relationship. she said that how her past relationships ended. (at the beginning). she said she ended them all and doesn't know why, she says they were alll assholes, and that i was soo different.
Eventually she ended it, saying that she still is attracted to me and still loves me, but doesn't know why but she needs space and isn't sure if she's making a big mistake. but the "spark is gone", which i find odd cause yes the stage of obsessive romantic love had ended, but the love and comittment had not. this leaves so many loose ends, she's going through a lot of personal problems that have lasted years but why does she choose to leave when she needs me more than anything?
I respect her decision, but i want to be with her. she had so many small but unrealistic expectations and i came close to perfect with her, but not quiet enough? i dunno.
what are the chances of rekindling this?
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  • Given her past actions, there's not much hope unless she commits... to seriously confronting those emotional problems that you cited


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  • She's gone, I think she probably loves you like a friend.

    • Yeah alright, so you've said that... now can you back it up with something? like what makes you think that?

    • The fact that she said the spark is gone.

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