We have a tragic love story?

I broke his trust, he is hurt, the ego has been bruised by my jealousy. i still love him. He was the best thing I had. I dont think I can fight for us cause I dound out that he said he has no feeling for me that he wanted to move on. So I decided to let him go with a brief explaination, he seem to can't accept it, deep down in his heart, I know he still wants me, he still love me, but the pain I caused, made him build the wall, the confusion, and his ego made it even harder for me to fight. He is trying to move on, with me as a backup, I can't blame him for that. Because Im afraid to stay as an option, tho from the infos I found out, I decided to let him go. I still love him, and want him. What should I do guys, move on and stay single until I fully recover? Or fight again? Or just put faith in God's hand and let time heal? I changed my number, im in no contact, and we will be apart physically in 3months from now. From guys perpestive, can a broken trust be mend after times to times? Will you hate the one who hurt you eventho she never cheated. Will you be mad? Will your ego guards down after she's gone? Will you want to find someone else to forget her? Or will you work it out for the last time if you wiser enough? He is 22, still young and immature tho. He dislike the serious talk so it makes the communication hard when it comes to the talk. He is a bit jerk after the break up, can't blame him tho for I hurt him. Manipulate and blaming whenever we have the relationship talks. So guys, what should I do?


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  • I think it's over. Take time to heal eventually you will move on and you will be much wiser for it


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