Would you guys ever get back together?

has an ex ever tried getting back with you? or have you tried getting back with an ex?

what were you thinking at the time? or what were they thinking?


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  • Depends upon the reasons we parted, and if I had interest in dating them. For example, if I caused the split or say, distance was a major role in the breakup, then perhaps I would be open to reconciling.


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  • my ex and i got back together for a short while... we were together a few months, i was only like 18 and my family didn't think he was ambitious enough and they made me feel bad and it tainted my relationship so i broke up... then we still saw each other at work and he sid lets be frieds but i knew he still liked me and we went on another date and he was trying to make me jealous i honestly don't remember if i still liked him or just felt obligated or guilty or what, but our reconciliation was very brief and i don't remember what happened, i think we spoke more and realized we don't want the same things.


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