Absent Father say's he loves but doesn't show it?

Husband prayed hard and fought to keep our son despite possible medical complications, now will not Skype or call or ask for a recent picture of our son. I am in a different country because he cheated on me (even boasted about them women to me, as a taunt), he refuses to divorce and says he can do whatever with me? I am confused and hurt..


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  • i am almost certain that there are laws in place regarding divorce and absentee spouses. I'm fairly certain that after a certain amount of time a marriage can be nullified if a partner is absent. I'd talk to a lawyer to find out about that

    as for him. I'm sure he loves his son, but unfortunately like too many absentee parents he actually doesn't know how to be a father or even really want to be a father. he probably refuses to divorce you because he doesn't want you moving on and another man getting involved in his son's life

    again, I'd reach out to a lawyer and find out your options.


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  • That sucks. It sucks worse that you need his consent to divorce him. I wish I had good advice, but without knowing your nationalities and where you both are it's hard. It sounds like you need to get rid of him. Would it help to move to a country where a woman can divorce a man for abandoning her? Whatever you do, never be alone with him again though, and don't let him around your child unsupervised.


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