Just broke up and I have second thoughts about it?

first of all, yesterday I was with my boyfriend (ex now ) and we had fights before made him block me on instagram and facebook. tho he blocked me I still can see everything thro a fake account

I asked him yesterday to remove two girls he knows I don't like and he did, today I opened the fake account to see her reinvited the girl and when I saw it I couldn't hold myself went to him on whatsapp and said i'm done, its over and he just? like that then bye bye and he blocked me on whatsapp.

I wanna move on now since the only thing I asked for isn't really important to him
How could he just let it go?
I mean how come? I missed him before even ending it and after I did i feel miserable...


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  • Along with him 'Blocking you,' Might I suggest you make a few Changes in your Own direction as well. Deactivate This "Fake" ASAP, writing FB a message that you want This one Gone like the wind.
    In the meantime, don't Contact him, Nor Accept any Contact from him. Lick your war wounds and do some soul searching alone right now, to get a better prospective on your new life soon to begin And-----Leave the Past with this pompous pig behind.
    However, just a Word from the Wise here: Just because two people break up, doesn't always mean "Goodbye, my love." He could come along again, anytime soon, "Unblocking" you once more, and Try like a whirlwind to Get into your heart And----Through your front door.
    Buyer beware of an Ex, for an "X" Marks the spot that they could return with whatever Motive on their mind.
    Good luck. xx

    • i'm afraid i'm about to call just to see if he'll answer or not , i hated the fact that he chose this girl over me after all the fights she coast,,

    • I know it's still fresh yet, temptation is There, and I can understand the closure that you need to find... And with This, the closure would have been for me is: He's not worth it, and the two of these Rats deserve one another... xx

    • Thank you for allowing me to be here for you, hope you are okay.. xx

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  • it's a major problem to be with someone who you block on some social media platform so you create a fake account to spy on him... a MAJOR problem

    I think you two don't sound good for each other, at least not at this time. It sounds to me like you both need to grow up and learn how to effectively communicate and be in and act in a mature relationships.

    I know this ma sound harsh, and I'm not trying to offend you but there is just a lot here that shouldn't be going on in a relationship between adults

    • I know but I had to i wanted to know if he would keep his word to me; it's very hurtful that he didn't..

    • I completely understand. you want to trust him. but if you are going to such lengths to figure out if he is trustworthy then you that should be the sign that you don't trust him

    • cause i'm trying to rebuild the trust he once, twice... ruined i'm just trying to trust him again because i thought for long time we will have future together i mean when I first met him i was 15 and now I'm about to be 21 it's just surprising things went this way , when his phone rings i feel my heart breaking... it's just I want to trust him and that was my test he failed :/

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