It was only just a dream?

Hey guys I really need your advice about 5 months back I meet this guy of social media I never in a million years thought we'd be boyfriend and girlfriend anyways me and this guy names t we just connected and fell in love which was beautiful bearing in mind we had only dated for 3 months ir felt like i finally met someone we genuinely liked me he treated me like a princess and he adored me just from looking in his eyes I knew it was real until I found out he was seeing his ex gf behind my back I was so heartbroken so I broke up with him and he'd call me begging me to not leave his life but I couldn't this went on for about a month he phoned me a few weeks back saying he loved me and he loved her then he said if he can't have me then forget it which was so hurtful till this day his still with her his always putting up her pictures on his watsap even though I've blocked and deleted him I don't know why his still kept me there what should I do guys? Do you think there's a possibility of us getting back together? ?


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  • There was, until you decided to shut him out of the picture.

    Own your choices and take responsibility for your actions. You dumped him, you refused to take him back. Live with that.


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  • he's a two timer, that's why he seemed like prince charming, the ones who are too perfect are probably playing you


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