I feel really guilty about kissing someone a few days after me and my boyfriend broke up?

me and my boyfriend broke up last week, a few days after i kissed another guy who I had hooked up with a few times before my ex, me and the guy both agreed to keep it a secret and not tell anyone, but my boyfriend has always been jealous of the guy anyway. so my boyfriend keeps texting me saying "have you been talking to any other boys?" and "I hope you aren't going to
do anything to hurt me" and it's making me even worse, what should I do?


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  • What does it matter if you broke up with your boyfriend when you kissed another guy? Personally i think your going way way to fast either way. This is one reason why my parents didn't want me to date when I was under the age of 18. You date the guy for the love you have for him, not just because you think he's hot.


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  • why did you break up? if you broke up, you broke up.

    • we broke up because I felt like he was getting very selfish (even his mum said he's selfish and she doesn't know why I'm with him) also I just didn't feel like he was making an effort anymore

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  • I think you need to break off contact with your ex and just take more time to heal.

  • tell him the truth... or leave him

    • I didn't mean to say boyfriend, were not together and never will be again, it's the second time we have broken up and I'm certain this time I don't want to be back with him,

    • So... there is nothing to let u feel guilty

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