If a guy is mad and isn't answering your texts is he done with you or does he just need some space to think about everything?

So at a party I hooked up with a guy infront of the guy that I have been talking to for 3 months. I was completely wasted and didn't even remember doing it... A couple days later we made up and he said he wanted to put it in the past and to keep talking to me. Everything went back to normal and then he herd that I hooked up with 2 other guys in the same night at the same party where I hooked up with that guy. I said it wasn't true but he doesn't believe me. They're just rumors. He will not answer any of my texts...
So the question is, is he officially done with me? Or does he just need some space. He will not answer me and tell me if we're still talking or if we're done. He completely cut me off and hasn't talked to me in 3 days. Help!


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  • Don't force it but try to talk to him in person. Talking over texts, phone, internet is very impersonal. Text him that you two need to text asap then wait till he respond. He will, eventual, just don't be surprised if it isn't what you want to hear. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

    • I just don't get it. How come he was perfectly fine the first time when he saw me kiss another guy but then when he herd rumors about everything else he went MIA...

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    • It's just hard... do you think that there's still a chance with us? Since he didn't text me and tell me that it was over. If you were in the same situation is that what you would do? It's hard not knowing what is going through his head

    • Hell if I know. Not in that situation, never been in one similar. I can't tell you if you guys have a chance.

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  • i think he's done with you.

    • Then why can't he just tell me that...

    • His silence shows you that

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  • Good for him.


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  • Calm down, give him space, that is how guys are.


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