Ladies! I'm a really good guy and I need help getting over this girl. Any advise would be appreciated?

This girl and I dated for about 6 months. She was really happy and then one day she just stopped talking to me. A few days later I saw her with her ex so I just moved on. 3 months pass by. I lost 100+ pounds I work out and she just saw me for the first time since the split. (thought she was gonna have a stroke) lol. Well anyways her ex's cousin is a good friend and we got back in touch here recently and have been hanging out. Out of no where the other day he says. She still wants to be with you but she can't because she's scared of him (he hits her). And now I can't get her off my mind. It was already bad enough because after the split I bounced from meaningless fling after meaningless fling. Like subconsciously I wanted to keep myself available in case she wanted to come back. But even if she did I can't. I need to move on. But I don't know what to do. Any help would be great. Thanks


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  • I think that if you haven't you need to unfollow and unfriend her off ALL soical media.. and DONT check up on it. I say contuine doing what you're doing and staying active ad fit! wow 100 pounds THAT"S AMAZING! GREAT WORK. U would keep youself busy doing that.. and i wouldn't go back to her. she left you without a reason so why let her come back? I think you need to find someone who values you and your feelings and wants to stay with you. You deserve a great girl! dont settle for anything less!!

    • I've met great, very beautiful girls. But I end up ending it because it's not fair to them if I'm still carrying this baggage from a previous relationship. I just want to be done so I can have a good healthy relationship. Thank you so much for your advice. And the day I saw her with her ex I blocked number deleted Facebook and all social media. Running into her the other day was a very unlucky coincidence. I even moved away. So I don't know how I could have bumped into her. The relationship almost cost me my job so as soon as the dust settled I took ALL measures. But I can't get my feelings for her to just go away. Lol

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