Will She Come Back To Me?

Me and my Asian GF ( Both 16) have been dating for 7 months.
She was my First TRUE LOVE, and I was her's too. We were happy with each other and we have gone through a lot together. We made love through intimacy a few times. She have left me once due to my mistake but a few days later she came back to me because she still loves me.

During mid of July, she went back to home country for vacation. Our communications were very limited due to the time zone. During the first week she said she missed me and love me and even sent a photo of us. The following week, i was being a bit clingy.

Then out of the blue, she left me by saying

1. Her parents found out that she is dating. (She was not allowed to date)

2. Then she also said, " I like somebody else."

I asked why, how, who, tell me the truth. But she only said that is the truth. I was a bit confused about the 2 reason she gave. Was she lying?

She didn't reply after that, she only deleted me on the app we use to communicated. She also deleted all the photos of us on Instagram, but she did not change her bio, the bio was the dated that we started dating : 2014,01,16. ( She uses instagram daily.

We went NC since the day we broke up.

Girls please help me. I still love her.
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  • First of all I would like to applaud you for your grammar and spelling.
    Second, I would like to point out that there was no need to say "Asian" girlfriend. Girlfriend is a girlfriend it makes no different if she was White Black Hispanic or Asian.
    Third, as an "Asian" man I know first hand that Asian parents are very strict indeed. She would be grounded, cut of her allowance and the worse is disowned.
    Fourth, at your age you two do NOT know what true love is yet. Hell I haven't even found out what true love is...

    Move on you're young, go get more life experience. Best of luck to you.


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