I want him back!!

I was commited to a guy and I loved him alot. We had some personal chat where he asked me he wanted to kiss me on my neck and lips. I out of trust showed that to my friends and my friends betrayed me and he came to know some how. Now he told me I betrayed him and I should not show him my face ever and not contact him anyway. Please help me. What should I do. I want him back. Help !!!
I really dont know whether he will come back or not but the problem is I love him a lot and we know each other from the past 4 months and the longest we have stayed without talking to each other is 2 days. please help me to bring him back...
But he doesn't even want to see my face !!! >_< :'(


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  • The guy went way overboard here. Girls always talk about guys and show them things he said thats just how it is, If he's that bad are you sure you want him back? what else now will he be upset about down the road?

    • I want him back ! Anyhow

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    • But he doesn't even want to see my face :'(

    • you have to go slow but go after him find ways to catch his eye he needs to get over it first but be close bye for when he does

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