I been with this guy for 3years but he say he love me n wanna have a family with me but he say he is not ready to be with just one bt he with someone?

Like we broke up cause he wanted to be a how but he came back to me n said he wanted to be with me n I believed him n. he also told me he wasn't ready for a relationship but now he willing to give up 3years for some white girl do you think he will come back wen they don't work out


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  • "I'm not ready for a relationship" is a nice way of saying: "I don't want to be with you."

    Even if he does come back, have some self-respect and show his ass the door.

    • Right I clearly understand now I will Not text him nomo cause now he wanna be cool with me but he also told me I'm helping him push me away but if he ever try to come back which I know he will but I want take him back

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  • When you both 'Broke up' and he had returned like a ghost in the nite, then Left you again to be with 'Some white girl,' Telling you that he 'Wasn't ready for a relationship, yet he Apparently Is With her--------This is telling me he doesn't want to be hooked at the hip with you now, that black or white, he feels free as this bird to go where he wants And to be with Who he wants.
    And he May have told Her the same thing he is telling you, and if he hasn't, just doing whatever he pleases because it's Something new, somewhere down the road he'll be dumping this White girl, like yesterday's trash And will be moving along, rattling his non committal chains with Some other girl----Maybe Spanish this time.
    You're better off without him. He's unpredictable, Sporadic, you can't trust him. He's already proven to be a fly by nite folly, and even though you were together 'For 3 years,' it's taken its toll on him, he doesn't want to be tied down now, and perhaps if he ends up just playing the field, he will feel like he's not anchored down with anyone, and if so... Not for very long.
    Being his life was consumed in this long term relationship, he may have been missing some of the kissing on the other side of the fence. However, even if he would leave this chick tomorrow, you can never be sure he wouldn't get restless and decide to jump ship again.
    Move on, sweetie. Take this time to lick your war wounds, and do some alone time soul searching. You Owe it to yourself. And when you feel ready to at least go out again, even if it's with your friends, start over and feel blessed that you found out Now, rather than if you had tied the knot and found out then.
    Good luck... We've all been there. xx


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  • I'm not ready for a relationship among adults usually means I might f you but I'm definitely going to f someone else or a few someone elses too so don't get your hopes up.


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