We weren't really together, is it still normal to be upset?

I met this guy at a party, and everything was going great until he basically stood me up when we'd made plans. He did sort of apologise (because my mother made him!) by text, but when I replied asking him what exactly we were and if it was going somewhere, he ignored me. I think he might be sulking because I didn't just roll over and accept his apology, but whether he ever decides to get back to me is looking doubtful. Anyway, I'm really hurt and upset - I've just been moping round the house for a few days now. I felt like there was this great connection between us and I had our relationship all planned in my head, and now it's gone, I just don't seem to know what to do with myself. So even though we were never even really dating, is it normal to feel like this?


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  • It's normal but try and forget him, if a guy really likes you he will put in the effort. You deserve better

    • Thanks :) any tips on how to forget him?

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    • His dad does live across the road from me, so he comes up every weekend, but yes, it does help not seeing him in the week. Oh dear, that must be really tough for you :( Thanks for the advice :)

    • You are welcome, thanks :) and it will get better xx

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  • Yes it is my dear don't worry and the worse part is that 90% of your problems here is not with the guy but in your mind. If a guy blows you off, he is not worth your time. Plenty of good guys out there. In the meantime, concentrate on other stuff and go out and have fun!

    • Thanks very much :) I think you're right - I've decided that the guy is a big jerk, and not worth my time, but now it's hard to let go of the idea of the relationship we might have had.

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