Does my ex wants me to chase him?

I've been in no contact for 28 days after the break up and during that time my ex made several attempts to contact me.

A few days ago he talks to my mom and asks for my number, since I've changed it and I agree for her to give it.

What happens after that is he re-adds me on Skype, say we can talk there and when I respond he doesn't respond back.

Didn't even came on line since (maybe I'm blocked) like he wants me to chase him... What now?


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  • Just ignore him, if he loves you, he would be upfront about it.
    This sounds like someone not worth your time. Also, instead of asking your mom, he could just ask you and talk to you in reallife. If he has something important to say, dare him to tell that to your face.

    • Well the thing is he couldn't contact me, he didn't have my new number, and now that he does nothing...

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