Can I get her back *update*?

Well read this post this

This is just a update well me and my ex girlfriend spoke last night about everything and she said she just wants to fix my temper and stuff ( i have a bad temper) but she has already kissed another boy , they talked about dating, her mom met him already like i feel like at this point i can't get her back and she is confused because 1 min she tells me she wants to work things out what should i do now


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  • I'm sorry but she's gone unless her feelings aren't real for the guy. But he is taking away your chances everyday you don't get her back

    • thats why i am saying but she wants me to change and etc but whats the point of even changing to fix myself if when i come back u might not even be there

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    • but I don't know how she can lose feelings so easy and quick it has only been a 1month can it be a rebound?

    • People always think they love eachother when in reality its not true love and it doesn't work out. Maybe you end up as friends or hate eachother. Or maybe it really does work. But wants she breaks it off you need to realize somebody isn't just going to break it off just like that.. they've been thinking about it.. for awhile. Also once she sees how its like with out him. If its easy she won't come back until she needs a shoulder to cry on from the next break up, or shell thinj she misses you and soowly tries or quickly tries to be with you again. But I realize my comment is a month later, sohowd it go?

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