Any chance of now ex gf changing her mind into the near future?

Had a slow break up after I spazzed out at her often for different things (often justified). She also lost faith in me in the last few months and began lying to me a lot (going clubbing behind my back, but before that she was honest about what she was doing for 1.5 years..)

2 year relationship, I was very positive for her and she made me all these long term promises, saying she's so in love with me (which seemed extremely sincere) etc etc.

Now after ignoring my texts and me just going into no contact (no other choice), she's blocked me on twitter... deleted a trip album 2 days after, but still has me on Facebook and some of our other pictures.

I'm extremely depressed. Been about 3 weeks since the official break up and since then we've had a bit of harsh contact (not the nicest texts, but not rude either). The whole phase of this began a bit over 4 weeks ago.

I've done so much for this girl and it seems like she's going through a phase... started drinking/partying again (drinking like daily), started smoking again after I made her quit last year. But overall done so much for her. She's friends with a bunch of new girls, not sure how that's influencing her.

Is this a phase? We had so much together, soo many plans for the future.. I'm pretty much devastated overall. Got diagnosed with a form of chronic cancer 4 months ago and hid it from her. Told her 3 weeks ago after the break up but don't even know if she believes me (though i think she more than 50% likely does).

Any chance of her coming back if she's slowly deleting things (deletes something like every 3 days or whatever it seems...)? She's 19, and I feel like something's gotten into her. Needless to say again, I've never been this depressed before and I've had quite a few things to deal with.

She did tell her friend (the only one that's nice) how she still loves me and this was 2 weeks ago.. and how she's mad at herself or whatever for still loving me...
Isn't my first break up, but she meant as much to me as a major family member. Don't get how someone could turn their back on you like this, just blows my mind.
And I don't understand why she's being so cold and mean?
Is there anything I can do to make her miss me more? We met over 2 years ago, talked for a while, she deleted me off then came back to me over a month later. The. The relationship happened. Is no contact the only way?


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  • I'm so very sorry for your health issues, sweetie. And on top of This with your Ex, it's like a train wreck coming at you. You're getting hit hard from every which way and I can understand Fully-----Why you've never been this depressed before.
    She's Only 19, and Now that she's Out there, it's like a 'Coming out' Party of being this free bird. And she's enjoying herself. She doesn't want back in, not now anyways, and if it's a "phase,' it's just something that she Wants to do. However, no matter her age, not sure when she Might be coming back around any time too soon.
    She most likely Does have a lot of her lovin' feelings, no doubt, but Not enough to go back into a Real relationship at this time... Not with You, not with anyone.
    Yes, she is 'Slowly deleting things' because she wants to start erasing the past, is trying to move on. And Facebook Is for friends so I would imagine for Now, until she may think to Block or Delete, she'll keep you There with her and some of your past pix.
    Right now you need her more than you probably have ever needed anyone. But whether or not she 'Believes' you, she sounds as though she doesn't want to be bothered getting mixed up with your troubles, and I find that to be cruel. I do think she could at least be a friend, but with her wild wayward ways right now, she is proving to me to be just a------Fair weather friend, and no one you can count on any more.
    Everyone makes mistakes in a relationship, and it seems you made your share. However, trying to make it up to her, she just One day had a change of heart and changed like the wind, finding herself blowing in another direction. Yes, her 'Bunch of new girls' Might be a Big 'Influence' on her life now, and she is following in their footsteps...
    Spend some time with yourself, licking your war wounds. You need this time, space for just You. You need to Think about You Only now, and let go of the ghosts that are most likely going to be a lost cause in limbo.
    Good luck, God bless. xx

    • Thank you for the good response. It sucks how someone can say things like "I can't even imagine a future without you " among hundreds of sincere and legitimate things then suddenly become like this... can't understand it.

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    • Yea I understand what you're saying. She did say and promise a lot of long term things even when there was negative tension. For me, I feel betrayed and I feel there's 0 chance I'd ever agree to trust someone again. Could have been worse and she could have cheated on top of just lying, but at this point I feel betrayed.

    • I know, I feel your pain.. You both made mistakes, and now that she's out there, it's hard for you to see her like this. But like I said, she May be in touch with the drinking and thinking, and then, the ball would be in your court if you would want to pick it up and dribble it a bit.

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  • It's time for you to move on and her as well

    • Difficult to move on when all you feel is regret about not changing things before it was too late.

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