Why does my ex-boyfriend still flirt with me?

Hi. My ex and I have been good friends for four years (since we met in our senior year of high school). I had feelings for him for the longest time until he finally started liking me back. We went out, but we had to break it off eventually because he admitted he still had feelings for his ex. Even then, he flirted around with me and stuff, even when he and his ex were already thinking of getting back together.

We stopped talking for about a month or so before he contacted me again. Apparently, he had just broken up with his ex again and was really bummed out about it, but he asked me if I wanted to hang out next time he visited town again (military reasons). I did an entirely stupid thing and agreed to hang out with him. We ended up sharing our first kiss together that day, but as he had just broken up with his ex, I knew he was probably on the rebound and was only looking for a temporary fling while he sorted his feelings out. This drove me into breaking things off with him, and we agreed to just stay friends.

Now, he just texted me a week ago and started flirting with me. I had to remind him firmly that we had agreed to only staying friends, nothing more, nothing less.

Is he just playing with my feelings? Is he just confused? Could he have an ulterior motive?
Also, I wanted to point out that when he tried to flirt with me even when he and his ex were thinking of getting back together, I found his behavior was inappropriate; as a result, I was the one to stop contact with him.


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  • He is playing you. Don't listen to him. Cut him out of your life.


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