How do you know ur ex still has feelings for u?

even if they are with someone new?


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  • If they still text you or look at you or you see them near you. Basically, if they've not completely ignored you, they still have at least some feelings for you, even if they're conflicted feelings.

    • we talk daily but he never lets me get to close or if i do he blocks me? and he stops in at the drugstore i work all the time always just to buy 1 bottled coke. and the store is kinda off the main drag so it's outaa his way. but if i ask about his feelings he gets defensive and pushes me away

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  • You don't care,. It doesn't matter

    • wtf? we were together 8 years

    • YEp and if they didn't know by then and the decided to leave you then thinking about them will only bring more pain. Tough love but the sooner you move on the better you will feel.

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