Somebody with a good heart, help somebody with a broken one?

6 months ago I met a really cute girl that's personality was just right for me. She was all over me, and I loved it! I have had relationship troubles in the past and I have trouble letting people in, but the way this girl told me how much she loved me made me feel ok to do so.
So these rocky 6 months go by, and she tells me on our 6 month after I call her and tell her how glad I am to make this milestone, she tells me "well when school starts we are breaking up".
So, I mean... What the fuck.
Apparently, she wants to focus on her grades more.
She said we could be exactly the same, just without titles, because she feels obligated to spend all her time on her boyfriend, but I hadn't seen her a week before school had started.. And now I'm afraid I never will.

This is what's fucked up. I've lost a lot of friends because of her, I was willing to take her hand in marriage! Why? Because I was in love. And don't nobody tell me otherwise. When you look at a girl, and say "that mustache is so fucking cute" in your head, that's how you know homie!

Question time:
What did I do to mess up this relationship?
Do you think she will come back?
Does she still love me?
Why would she being doing this?
- please ask questions to better help you answer these ones, thankyou
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  • Wait a couple weeks and try to start over.
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  • Wait after the school year and try to start over.
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  • Fuck no contact and be friends.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • -you did absolutely nothing wrong in the relationship.
    -yes she might go back to you after her studies.
    -unsure if she still loves you. If she did she wouldn't end it because she is focusing on her studies. Maybe it just wasn't the right time.
    -maybe she honestly does want to focus and give her all and best into her studies


Most Helpful Guy

  • The lesson life is teaching you is to never put a girl on a pedestal. Never focus on this concept of "the one". The reality of life is there are many girls you could fall for and live out your life with.

    You put so much focus on her, and so much of your heart and life into her, that when she pulled the rug out from under you, it destroyed your world.

    Always understand that your happiness cannot be tied to another person. Never give up on your life for a girl/woman. Always add her to your life, but don't make it your life.


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  • Your relationship is fine she wants to focus on school she doesn't want things to change but she doesn't have a choice in her case. Be friends for now and wait for her she'll come back.

  • She was just never thst into you


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