First "love" breakup. Any wise words of advice/pointers?

So im a complete nun when it comes to guys but in 10th grade i finally fell for this one guy.(Yes i have had tons of people ask me out before and ish but i just didn't want to because of religions etc.) he's a bad boy... we kinda been together for a while but he never claimed me as his girl friend and use to say that im his side bch,, Yeah i know it was stupid and all but he was my first kiss and "bf" any tips on how to move on? Im not like completllyyyy depressed anymore but just sort of in space right now. I broke contact for 3 months complete but i just can't seem to budge. Recently i started kiking him and he doesn't even reply sometimes and breaks my heart. I don't have many options such as getting out but any pointers? words of advice on how things will get better? Or how this wasn't real and ill actually fall in love one day? I don't know this all happened when i was 15.. someone shake my mind its been bummed out foreverrr


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  • I'm going through the almost the same thing, it sucks... I can't help, sorry :(

    • my heart dropped when i read tht... :/

    • Sorry :(

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