Should I break up? Or am I just a jealous controlling sun of a bitch?

I've been with my girlfriend for a year. About 4 months into the relationship. We agreed to be serious. We got serious to a point where we made the decision, that. I keep girl friends at a distant, and she keeps guy friends distant.

She always talks about how she can't wait to be married to me, have my kids, where we'd live. Talking about our careers, what plan to do with our lives. How she's never been so happy, I'm the one etc!

I was happy until things started getting shady. About 3 months ago. I was playing games in her phone. Then I saw some guy send a text hitting on her. He was a customer were she met at where she worked.

He was one of the guys who came into her store hitting on her... and she gave him her number.

He was sending texts saying "hey beautiful can't wait to spend time with u outside your work". Another one was "I'm glad I got see you today. Thanks for that hug I didn't wanna let you go".

When I asked her, she said he's just a friend. She gave him her number because they have interest in the same things. She apologized, I forgave and moved on.

After that, I caught her sending a guy flirty texts with hearts and kisses. I was really upset about it, but again. Same thing again, she apologizes, I forgave!

Now just Recently!!!

I discovered that she has been giving her number to guys on a social networking site I didn't know about. I found out because... one of the guys approached drunk me the other day in a

I remember previously asking her " have you given your number to any guys over the net since we've been dating". She lied over and over saying"no I'd never do that".

The when the guy approached me I took a pic of him and sent her. She told me she him her number because we weren't serious at the time.

Yesterday she confessed the guy from her store. Was a guy she was flocking. Cuz she was scared of how serious we've gotten! Doesn't make sense right?
I made a typo on the last paragraph... What I meant to say was

"Yesterday she confessed the guy from her store. Was a guy she was flocking towards, because. She was scared of how serious we've gotten! Doesn't make sense right?"


Most Helpful Girl

  • Wow, that's some trustworthy girl you have there.

    I personally think that keeping girl/guy friends away when you're in a relationship is a stupid idea. It's like you set yourself up for disappointment to begin with, believing your partner will cheat based on proximity.
    But that's beside the point, I just wanted to comment on this rule some couples have.

    If she didn't think whatever she was doing was wrong, she wouldn't have lied to you. There simply would be no need for it.

    I have my phone in the open, my laptop without a password. I have nothing to hide and if my boyfriend wants to know who x, y or z are, I can easily tell him, no problems.

    Without trust there's no relationship. You're better off leaving her, because she's too starved for attention and still wants to fool around.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Relationship is built on love, love isn't an emotion but trust is derived from it. She breached the bear fundamentals of a relationship. If you want to keep her, you have to reverse her belief, her belief is constraining her honesty towards you, but it is also the source of motivation for her behaviour. Seeing as this is a very complex phenomenological subject and neither you or anyone else but her can apprehend her 'facticity', it's just better to move on. You have been very forgiving and nice to her, but she needs to know that these kind of guys don't come a dime a dozen.


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  • Well, you're not wrong, she is. I take what she's doing as a sign that she's losing interest in you and hence she's searching for new things to spice up her life. This is not respectful to you, so you should talk this situation through and figure out a solution.
    She doesn't look ready for a steady relationship but there might be a chance she just needs you guys to change your routine a bit, try different things, maybe do a little trip. Whatever it is, don't tolerate this behaviour.

  • Time to move on. She is telling you one thing, but doing another. Actions speak louder than words so I would either put her on the back burner or blow her completely. She's lying to you, cheating on you, but telling you are the one. It's not going to get better.

  • you should ditch because there is probably a lot of tension in the relationship already and it seems unhealthy.

  • Dump her. You aren't being controlling lol. She isn't serious about this relationship.

  • wooo... i think you both are on different planes with this relationship... either talk it out to solve it and put the feelings aside for a second or move on to someone ready to get hitched in a second. Plenty of those chicas ready and waiting for a ring, house, car, kids, life, and the whole sha-bang... dont even need to try hard to get them these days either. good luck!

  • She is a liar and not trustworthy. There is nothing if there is no trust.

    You have bern together for a year and already she is doing that. I dont think you have future together


What Guys Said 2

  • I'd ditch immediately. If she hasn't cheated already, it's only because a suitable candidate hasn't come along.


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