Don't you love that feeling when you are so over your ex you think to yourself "what did I ever see in that ugly loser"?

You know, really bad break up, he/she really hurt you. blah blah blah.

Then you reach that point you're like "ew wtf is wrong with me?"

and then months later they call you back "I love you"

and you're like "where was this love during our relationship when you treated me like shit?"

But you didn't really say that because you didn't respond because you didn't care and you blocked and deleted the jerk?

Doesn't it feel so good?

I'm not there yet I still miss my stupid ex, but I can't wait to be there...


Most Helpful Guy

  • My wife left me a month after our second child was born. I was so angry at her that I I spent a lot of time trying to spite her into coming back to me. She is now dating a much younger guy who is here on a visa (heh!) and I kind of feel sorry for her.

    We have two children, and so I have to see the woman every week. I hate her but it's only because I once loved her. It takes a long time to get over that hatred and resentment, but the truth is -- you have to go out there and meet someone new.

    I got in shape, got some cosmetic work done, and am meeting women that don't have ten years of history with me.

    All of this is to say, that because we have two children together, she is going to see me get my shit together. I started a business that will very likely take off and make quite a bit of money. I am getting a lot of confidence and she'll probably find me more attractive.

    But here's what happens. By the time you get to that point where they want you back, you've moved on and it's done.

    If you don't have kids with the person, then forget it. Move on. There's 7.3billion people in the world.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes it's very nice to get over someone and not want him anymore. It took me a long time to get to that point with this guy who treated me like crap and wouldn't be my boyfriend. Now I have a real boyfriend after being on my own and taking a break from dating for a good 6-7 months. And I'm much happier.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Over Time You Will Definitely Feel That Way Especially If You Were Dumped, Try & Keep Hate Out Your Heart Towards Somebody. Missing An Ex Is Normal, Over Time Those Feelings Will Die Down...

  • Yep it is a great feeling, but I would not want to think of my ex in such a negative and demeaning way, no matter how they treated me. Forgive them and move on or treat them as nicely as when you first knew them


What Girls Said 2

  • I do, and I don't.
    I like it because that's when the emotions change from heartbreak to something much more manageable - discontent.
    But I don't like it because it makes me question myself and my choices, haha!

  • Yes !! And when they try to get back and u turn them down !!
    Feels so good !

    • I know. Greatest. Feeling. Ever.

      Do you think they learn though to not treat people like shit? Or do they continue being shitty people?

    • Once they get played by someone else I guess they'll open their eyes finally.

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