How do you tell your ex you want to try again?

Do I just tell her directly? I mean I want to take things slow! So in the end we will be better! How do I tell her?


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  • Somethings are best done with out to much thought. You may not believe it but out of all advice you are given, you are the only one who knows how she will react. I say just go for it, call her and just ask to see her. The truth of the matter is the worst thing she can do is say is no. If you fear that, and decide its best not to follow through, you may regret it. Good luck, I hope it works out for you!

    P. S. - Never do it over text or phone. If you wanna show her that you're dedicated to her, and taking it slow, invite her out for coffee.


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  • You don't. You move on with your life.

    • You are missing the point.

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    • Nah you are still here on my shit though.

    • Whatever, I'm over it. I hope your whore of an ex gave you the herps. Good luck prying her off some random guy's dick. Deuces.

  • Think of one thing or memory or place you both share together that she 'loved'. Ask to meet her there or take her there if you are both on talking terms. If not send her something that she use to like from you, with sincerity no cheesy-ness (you may have to be patient and persistent). Be prepared that she may not want to try again, so if she says that; you move on as in make the rest of the date a good time for you and her (she may go back home and wonder wow he was fun I would like to go out with him again, which will then repeat itself till you get what you want), unless you broke her trust than you will have to really really really work hard (like life and death work hard lol). Either way if you are totally committed, persistent, genuinely love her she will come to see it, and she may want to try again. However again be prepared for a 'no' answer and if she makes it clear on numerous occasions such as 20 times, quickly move on. Don't let yourself heart break over it any longer.

  • Maybe give her a call or see her in person to talk with her?

    But also keep in mind that she's your ex for a reason. If you still want to try things again with your ex though, try contacting her.

    • we've gone out a couple of times already and I get the feeling she likes me a lot still she is just being cold.

    • You could just ask her u want to get back together with her and see what she says. She's probably acting a little cold, cause she's wondering, "why is he getting in communication with me again?"

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