Did I Ruin things for my family for good?

My fiance and i broke up i told her it was best we had space because we were living with roomates with our daughter and things got hectic and i told her to stay with her friend until i get my own apartment, when she left she was acting strange and i checked her Facebook she was flirting with another guy calling him "boo " and what not, i have seen my daughter once in the past month because she said she needed space, the first week i begged and begged for her to promise that when i get the apartment she will come home and i did something even stupider, i made a fake Facebook to try to and talk to her and she found out it was me. before i did that when i did see them she still hugged me and kissed me and told me she loved me and denied everything about this other guy. i just want my family back and i dont know what to do im not sure ill be able to really ever be happy without them. As of right now she has no where to stay but with her friends family, she has no family of her own we both came from "broken" the only other place she has once her friends family gets tired of having their house overcrowded, is back with me. will it happen? im scared of being stuck alone without my family ill do anything to show to her i love her and that im willing to change for her. we had issues because towards the end of the relationship i was neglectful and said hurtful things. i tried talking to her she wants space so now im finally giving it to her and she reached out to me recently asking for 50 for baby stuff and when im available to see the baby but thats all I've heard from her, I understand she's really mad about the fake Facebook thing she said it was the "last straw" but can something like that make her lose her feelings for me?


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  • Apologise and beg for her forgiveness.

    Still fucking stupid of her to hit on another guy.

    Tell her she can stay with you and keep your daughter close.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Give Her Time, Stop Contacting Her (Except To See Your Daughter.) If You See Her Dont Talk About The Relationship AT ALL. Let The Relationship Work On Its Own, Stop Trying To Force It, If It Happens Then It Happens. Focus On Yourself & Your Daughter. Once Again Leave Your Baby Mama Alone & Give Her Space, Stay Strong, Stay Positive & Keep Your Head Held High...


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  • No you still have a chance to make it right.


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  • Why did do the Facebook thing you idiot? tHat obviously proves that you dont trust her ! Just go and do your best in apologizing to her if you want your family back !

    • I don't know now that i think about it i feel pretty fuckin stupid and i tried apologizing for it several times

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    • And did you apologise?

    • yeah i told her i really regret everything i did and she said she wants to trust me but because of how many chances I've been given she's not sure she wants to come home

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