Feelings left? Missing me?

So my bf and I broke up a month ago. We've been together 5 years. He's 27 I'm 26. Through the years we've been mostly happy but have had up and down. We both cried a ton when we did this. He said he isn't ready too commit to me for the rest of his life and needed to figure out his own life because he didn't know what he wanted. He said he still loved me and that the break up is very hard on him too. After the as month of not seeing eachother we went to the movies and he was all
smiley and looked happy to see me. He was flirting with me abd it was really easy ti be around afterwards he hugged me and said ill see you around, text me ok? After five years of being happy , is he over me in that short time? Does he have any feelings towards me?


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  • He has feelings for you --- when convenient.
    Life deepens at about 20--25 for women, 25--30 for men.
    This may be what's happening. Or it may not.
    You may be glad if you stick with him, or not.
    It all depends on what's going on in his mind.

    • so only because i'm "still around" should i stop talking to him so he can figure it out?

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, iThink He Is Just Being Friendly, He Probably Has Feelings For Still But Wants To Continue His Single Life. Dont Get All Happy Just Yet, Keep Your Emotions Back & Live Your Life...


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