Is it cold feet? I'm so depressed I don't know what to do?

My fiancé recently left me this morning. I came by his place and everything was gone. His friend told me that it was over. I called him and he said he was in Chicago with his ex-girlfriend and that the wedding is off. We were suppose to get married in 4 months): There was no indicators that he was going to leave me like this he seemed so happy. Until a week ago during his bachelor's party or whatever. But I just brushed it off and he seemed fine just said he was tired. I talked to his friends today and they said he was questioning if he was making the right decision. They said he was talking about his ex a lot and talking about her. I don't know what to do or what to tell everybody else. I love him and I'm in a state of shock and depression. I tried calling him but he just kept saying it was over and he should of realized this sooner. They have a kid together while we were fighting a year back he had an affair with her. I feel so stupid for forgiving him but I want him back):


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Ok, Its Gonna Be Hard But You HAVE To Let Him Go. First Off He Wasn't Man Enough To Even Let You Know How He Felt & On Top Of That He Ran Away !! Regardless Of Him Getting Cold Feet, Communication Is Key & He Should Of Told You How He Felt. One Of Two Things Happened, After His Bachelor Party He Realized He Wanted To Stay Single & Do His Own Thing. (He Was Selfish & Didn't Take Your Feelings Into Consideration.) Or He Has Been Talking To His Ex & She Has Seducing Him To Come Back (Regardless Of Them Having A Child Together) & It Worked. iSuggest Moving On & Never Looking Back, Set Your Emotions Aside & Think With Head Rather Than Your Heart, He Did You Wrong & Doesn't Deserve Another Chance, (When Your Ready) Give Your Love To Somebody Else That Deserves It, Stay Strong, Stay Positive & Keep Your Head Held High...

    • Just thinking of them together hurts...

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  • I am so sorry it may be hard now but I don't think you want a man in your life who did this to you.

    • I don't but I do. I hate myself for not hating him.

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