My ex unfriended me on fb and text me that he did it because it hurts to see other guys talking to me? When he was the one that wanted to be friends?

I haven't talk to him. He seems to be Bout his bness and the ONE time a guy comments something on my wall he unfriends me and sends me a text to tell me. It really pissed me off so I text him back and he didn't reply. What's the deal with this guy


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  • I do the same, block all of my exes and move on. Reason being, he loved you, you were his world, to see someone else with you strikes a nerve. Unless he's moved on and has a relationship of similar intensity. Don't hate on him for it, if anything you're not going to get drunk texted/called and you're free to move on.

    • This isn't answering my question

    • He's Jelous. He's obviously sore about the breakup, he said he could be friends with you but he still deep down has feelings for you

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, If He Was The One That Wanted To Be Friends But Gets Mad When You Talk To Other Guys Then Just Ignore The Guy Completely. He can't Have His Cake & Eat It Too, Meaning He can't Leave You & Expect You To Be Sad & Wait For Him. Continue Doing What Your Doing, Your Single, Whether He Likes It Or Not, Be Positive & Stay Strong...

  • He WANTED to be friends... but realized that he can't do it because he gets too jealous.

    • Ok so does that mean he still wants me?

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    • I disagree my friend, i texted him back and he never reply. So I got fed up and sent him a text telling him to not play games with me and it not bother looking for me for him to move on, and bye. And he didn't reply. So he is def playing mind games

    • Then why did u ask me at all?

      Were u looking for me to agree with you? 8-)

  • I feel the same thing. I don't blame your ex. I sure will delete my ex sometime.


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