This is my update CONTINUED. . from my fling. Please read the entire question about the young Guy I was flinging with. Your advice is needed?

UPDATE CONTINUED... I acted like I never saw them but since I have 20/20 vision I saw that he had his head down in the car. Im just disgusted of whom the person I called my sexy fling. Im thinking this guy is sick. Never again for me smh! Can you give me some advice?
I find this soooo creepy. .. I was coming from the store and saw that younger guy on the street, that I was talking about earlier Talking with an underaged female. Once he saw me, they both ran across the street and went inside his car fast
Im throwing up lol


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, iForgot The Whole Story, But Just Ignore It Or Contact The Police, Stay Positive...


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  • Just assume all younger guys just want sex and treat them as such.. guilty until they prove themselves different.

  • Admittedly i have no clue as to the overall story here, but i will use this chance to ask you younger folks a question.

    What the hell is with all this 'fling', 'crush', 'FB ( which right now seems to indicate Fuck Buddies, Friends with Benefits, and on once occasion i've heard about, 'Facebook'?) And 'Friend Zone'? sounds like an ice cream parlor to me.

    I am older of course, but in my day you'd either make a move for a person or you wouldn't. Sometimes their mere attitude said 'lay off', which you did, which was fine. If there answer to sex was yes, then you'd fuck 'em... if no, then... well, fuck 'em. Two point five billion or so people of the opposite gender on the planet, and ditching any one of them is no more significant than wiping your eyes with a square of toilet paper and flushing it.

    Please get rid of all the pseudo-scientific labelling before you cause sex itself to die of boredom.

    • Get with it or forget it , its 2014 or find like minds as yourself. Thats the best advice That I can give you.

    • Didn't ask for your advice, and if 'getting with it' means diving into labyrinthine and vapid arguments about exactly what it means whenever one has sex, then i'd say at least all of you would be better served to give up fucking and become lawyers.

    • Ignorance is not a good look my brother. Have a well God Blessed day.😉

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