My ex is very confusing?

We ended it, mainly because we were just going different ways in our life. We are still friends, he found a girlfriend and he still flirts with me. Like a lot. If I talk about the past like, "remember when we did this" he says "I have a girlfriend now" and cuts me off. Then he goes back to flirting again. This has been happening every day for a week. I don't even text him first, he texts me first.


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  • He's having a hard time letting go. You guys broke up because of lifestyle differences, not because you didn't care about each other. You can't turn off feelings like a faucet, it takes time. He also needs to let you move on, which is an idea that I am sure he is not loving. He's moved on but he wants to keep his hooks in you. Unless he actually says "let's get back together", you need to tell him to stop contacting you, that you need a clean break. Not fair to you:)

    • Yeah, he's playing with my emotions.

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    • and if I don't text back for 2 minutes he sends me another text

    • Ok time to tell him to stop, he's being very selfish.

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  • He's just messing with your head, girl. Forgive and forget, and don't buy him gift.

  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, He Is Keeping You On His Side & You Need To Break Away. He Doesn't Want You To Fully Move On & It's Not Fair To You. You Got Two Options & iStrongly Recommend The First, One, Cut All Contact, There Isn't Anything Wrong With Being Friends An Ex (When Your Single, My Opinion) But Only After Your Emotions Have Gone Down & Your Feelings Have Died Down Greatly. Dont Allow This Guy To Treat You Any Kind Of Way Because Thats Exactly What Your Doing. Ignore Him & Live Your Life, Trust Me It's For The Best, It May Be Hard To Not Reply (Depending On How Strong Your Feelings Are For Him) But Its Worth It. Second Thing You Could Do Is Whenever He Starts To Flirt YOU Could Say "But You Have A Girlfriend" Just Cut It & Stop Him Dead In His Tracks, Let Him Know If He Can't Have A Regular Conversation Without Flirting & Stuff Then You Want Nothing Else To Do With Him (Option One) Stay Strong & Stay Positive...


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