Ex girlfriend gets mad when she broke up with me!?

I just recently broke up with my girlfriend. I am big on freedom and even though I was upset i let her go. The only problem i had with the break up was the fact that she wanted me to hang around a place where our mutual friends hang out because she "didn't want everyone to hate her". She actually asked me to be in a place where i could potentially run into her just so SHE could feel comfortable!

When she made this request I originally accepted it because we were in a public place and i don't like yelling in public, but when i got home i quickly began getting angry about the situation and talked to my friends about the situation. One of my friend's girlfriend got wind of the fact that i was angry and informed my ex of the conversation.

She texts me that she can't believe i got angry about her request and I called her and yelled at her telling her I had a right to be angry, she had no right to be mad at how I responded to the break up and that I wouldn't be in contact with her anymore (Note: I never yelled at her before this). after the conversation she seems genuinely hurt for the first time since we broke up. I delete her from facebook, delete her messages and genuinely intend to move on.

A couple of days go by and I get a text claiming that she was really hurt by what I said and she can't believe that everyone is angry with her.

My questions are: 1. Why is she mad when she is the one that broke up with me?
2. Why would she want me to stick around when she said she didn't love me?
3. Why does she think I would care she is hurt when it was HER idea to break up?


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  • your message really isn't clear on who broke up with who so did you break up with her or did she break up with you or was it a mutual break up? i ask because depending on your answer then i can give an answer.

    • She broke up with me.

    • Okay well she is upset at you for a couple of reasons but they aren't really your fault, that being said you should have done a couple of things to mitigate the fall out of the situation. First off she broke up with you in the hopes that you and her would still be friends just because you broke up doesn't mean you can't still be friends. that was he assumption so it's not your fault, but you really should have talked to her and smoothed things out. Secondly if you really didn't want to go to the get together then you should have not gone. By going you kept the impression to your friends in going that you and her were just going threw a rough patch and were working it out. that is not your fault but you should have made it clear to your friends that you were not together with her anymore that she broke up with you, but you have let it go. in doing so you let your friends know that it's okay and she wouldn't have been upset. again these issues aren't your fault,

    • that being said you really didn't do anything to mitigate the issues either you tried to avoid them, and her for that matter; that is why she is upset at you. Now you see what happens when you do that. I suggest to really try to understand what I'm telling you and apologize even if it's not your fault because that way at least you'll be able to end the issues now. well i hope my words have helped you to understand your predicament, and good luck handling things.

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  • The easiest way to answer those is by asking her. And if it means that much to you then you really should cause then you'll get the closure you'll need, IF, you do need it, so you really can move on. :)

  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, You First Sentence Is "iJust Recently Broke Up With My Girlfriend" But Your First Question Is "Why Is She Mad When She Is The One That Broke Up With Me?" So Im Confused. Second, She Might Not Love You But Her Feelings For You Are Still Strong & She Wants Your Presence Around, She Is Not Fully Ready To Let Go. Third, Even Tho You Guys Broke Up She Still Wants You To Beg, Talk, & Want Her Back, Dont Give Her That, Continue Living Your Life Happily (Even If You aren't Happy.) iDont Know Who Broke Up With Who But iSuggest Cutting All Contact & Moving On. Stay Positive & Keep Your Head Up...


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