Regret entering relationship with my lovely boyfriend of 3 years, ready to be single. BAD IDEA?

I have been in my first relationship since I became 18 (i only had 3 months before i was taken) before that I was having fun being single and just enjoying male attention everywhere (don't want to sound obsessed with myself but i'm an attractive girl, haha). i'm soon turning 21 and i'm thinking well, yes.. me and my boyfriend have the best relationship he loves me deeply and is already planning our future as much as i love him and his ideas I can't stop almost regretting entering a relationship so early in life. My biggest nightmare is to be together with him until 22-26 and not having a future together and just waste my whole youth on one guy when i haven't even tested the waters with other guys … i don't know. I will definitely not break up with with my boyfriend just cause of my confusion, but I think i should keep myself open to be with other guys (get to know others guys as only friends). What you think?


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  • If you feel as though you can't live without him, then that is love. There is no need to test the water with other people. It's like the grass is greener on the other side of the fence idea. It really isn't, and this is coming from a single guy. I've spent most of my adult life (24 now) single with a 6 month relationship where i realised that i wasn't in love, and 4-5 month relationship where I was madly in love. I am now envious of all those in a relationship because you have someone to spend your life with, to share your life with. Someone who wants to be there for you always. I find so few girls attractive and smart that for me to fall in love again may take years.

    This is the guy you could potentially spend the rest of your life with, hence why you are scared, confused and want to see what being single is like.

    I think you are at the stage where you have one of two choices -

    Stay with him, and prepare to spend the rest of your life with him
    Dump him

    If you dump him, there could be no turning back, the guy will be broken, he will hate you for it and if you feel that you made a mistake, there may be no second chances.

    So it's your choice. If you feel as though you could not live your life without him, then he is the one for you. If you can go a month without talking/seeing him, then you are not in love.

    • Thank you and very good answer... this made me think a bit! I have a choice to make.

    • I hope you make the right choice for you! You don't want to have any regrets over this. Just remember, the grass isn't necessarily greener.

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  • What do I think?
    You currently possess one of the most prized advantages on Earth. YOUTH. Whether it's an old man whom the world has torn and tattered his happiness. Whether it's an old woman with saggy titties, widespread spider veins, and pictures of her former beauty. Whether it's a child in a sub-Saharan country who can't even fully experience Youth with their pre-pubescent body and underdeveloped brain. YOUTH IS PRECIOUS. Youth is golden. Youth is valuable to people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, and corners of the world. Writers have divulged on 'the fountain of youth' for CENTURIES. Filmmakers continue to profit off of youthful stories and adventures. The value of youth is immeasurable. Don't waste it.

    If you're not happy, you need to move on. Point blank period. You are evidently not happy. You appear to have lost your passion for this relationship. You appear to be disinterested in devoting much time and energy into this relationship. I think it's safe to say that this relationship has become dead weight keeping you from seeing/hearing/feeling the view of a mountain top. Cut it loose.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT "KEEP YOURSELF OPEN TO BE WITH OTHER GUYS". That would make you a sneaky, shady, selfish whore. No offense, I'm just being brutally honest because sugarcoating won't get you where you need to be. "Getting to know other guys as friends" is a nice, flowery way of saying "keeping your romantic options open while you inappropriately claim to be with one man". Maintain respect for him and don't potentially expose him to heartache.

    • Thank you this was very helpful.

    • You're welcome! Hopefully it helps you make the right choice : )

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, It Sounds Like You Dont Wanna Be With Your Boyfriend Anymore, Well Your Curious To Talk To Other Guys, Imma Let You Know A Secret, Some Guys Have Very Good Game, Very Smooth Talkers. You Said "Get To Know Guys As Friends" & That Will Only Turn Out Into Something More, You WILL Eventually Catch Feelings (Not Because You Want Too But Out Of Curiosity & Wanting To Know What This Other Guy Can Offer.) If You Start Texting & Calling Him (Or Multiple Guys) This Will Cause Problems In The Relationship. This Will Cause You To Make A Decision To Either Continue Texting & Getting To Know Other Guys & Lose Your Boyfriend Or Be Back In The Spot Your Currently In Now. Just End The Relationship & Talk To Other Guys, Cause No Matter What, You WILL Always Wonder What It's Like To Talk To Another Guy...

  • here's how you look at it , us ugly guys pray for one female to like us , be thankful that you have someone who likes you


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  • Are you sure you love him AND like being in a monogamous relationship? If you do: Of course you can get to know other people, men and women, as long as you don't betray your partner, why wouldn't you be allowed to do that? Being in a relationship doesn't mean you're not allowed to have friends, after all... It's totally understandable that you want to be in contact with other people.
    But if you're not so sure, do think about telling him. You said he's planning a future (kids?), but didn't say anything about yourself. It's not really fair to get another person's hopes up if you're not in for the long run.


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