Men, can you please help me understand my ex's motives?

My ex (of almost a year) has been making a lot of contact with me within the past 2 weeks. He has asked to take me out for lunch and dinner and brought our dogs to see me on Friday. He said in the past he does not want to get back together, but his recent contact is confusing me. We were together a long time and lived together. What do you think he's up to?


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  • Probably misses being around you. Not sure if feelings are back, but he wants to hang out again

    • Idk... maybe. Thanks for responding.

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, More Than Likely He Misses You, Maybe He Wants To Reconcile What You Guys Had In The Past. This Can Be Looked At In Two Ways, The Positive Is If You Want To Possibly Work Things Out You Can Take Things Slow & Start Up Again, The Negative Is If You Want To Move On & Not Have Anything Else To Do With Him, Or Maybe Just Be Strictly Friends. To Answer Your Question Again Tho, iThink He Just Wants To Be A Part Of Your Life & Possibly See Where Things Can Go...

  • Whenever he's over with banging his new gf, he will be crawling back to u again. I don't know why y'all still accept cheaters >.>

    • I'm not sure I understand your response. We have been broken up for almost a year. What he has done since I moved out has nothing to do with me.

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    • Poor communication... typical living together bs...

    • If he started all the arguments than he have a high chance of using that excuse as a brk up to get with another cutie.

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