A year was able to change lots of stuff. That's just what happened to me and my ex. but is there any solution?

I broke up with my ex last year, because my parents forced me to. Under the pretext that I am still not ready for relationships. So I left him, without even saying why, and then, we stopped talking for a whole year. Well, last month, I talked to him, anonymously. and told him who I am after that, and explained everything. He was happy, he told me that he has missed me so much. He asked me what is new (he meant did you have a boyfriend or something) I said no. then, so asked my number, and called me on the phone. so we talked, and it felt like we were a couple, so heavenly, like nothing happened. he kept saying sweet stuff to me, as he used to do when we were together. He added that we should talk everyday on the phone. I was literally so happy, so he was. he kept giggling<3 by the way He's really a great guy, he made me the happiest when we were in a relationship. He's not the kind of guys who care so much about look, he is simple, not pervy, and the most of all so sweet. therefore I want to be with him. but what's done is done. In the next day, suddenly everything has changed, All started with slow replies, taking years to reply. Furthermore, He even read my last message that I sent to him on Facebook (from like a week and few days ago) but there's no reply yet. It feels really bad, especially when he is online. It's all because He gave me a hope that we could be together again. I don't know what made him change his mind. cause he said that we're going back together, and stuff like that. But I really don't want to bother him, nor to seem annoying. &I don't want to sound like a drama queen either. So What should I do? I mean, is there a way to change things? I just need an advice, because It is so hard to be friends with someone that you want to have for your lifetime, isn't it? (Plus, I rarely fall inlove with someone and I rarely go into a relationship). Is there any tips that I should follow, or something? I'd appreciate that. even though it is kinda confusing.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Sounds Like He Set You Up Just To Shoot You Back Down, If He Is Ignoring You Then Leave Him Alone, iSuggest Not Responding Back To Him Either, His Interest Clearly Has Gone Down, Show Him He can't Just Talk To You & Leave Anytime He Wants, Show Him He can't Pop Up In & Out Of Your Life, He Got Your Feelings Involved & That wasn't Right. iKnow You Like But Let Him Go, Stay Strong & Stay Positive...


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