Girls; what means when a your ex shows her boobs to you in this context?

We ve been together for 8 years. She broke up with me and I know most of it was my fault (lack of attention, not commitment to our marriage plans, stuff like that)

Weve been separated for 2 months and I haven't talked to her for a month. Last week we talk via Skype (shes living abroad now, possibly returning in the next months idk) and first thing she asked was "are you dating someone?"

I ignored the question. But she insisted, so many times it became stressful and when I was getting annoyed I said "If you want an answer you will have to show me your boobs".

She smiled, and laughed charmingly and proceed to show me her boobs, in a very sexy way. Then she said "OK, now tell me!".

After a while, she started comparing me to a guy she met but nothing happened between them. She said he gave her attention, he didn't do drugs... a lots of things that made her broke up with me.

I told her, "I propose you something, lets just focus on ourselves, if things are supposed to happen then It will happen". She said "Yeah but I suppose that means not dating someone, and I wanna know new guys, and I think we can only be friends"

So, there is; My ex showed me her boobs , insisted to know if I had someone else , but also keeps telling me that she doesn't think we would be more than friends... Pretty confusing.

Any idea girls?


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  • Maybe she just wants to make you jealous, I would do that If I was trying to make my ex jealous she probably wants to get back to you :) But it is your choice if you want to turn back or not. DONT TURN BACK IF YOU aren't GOING TO CHANGE THOO.


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