I feel heartbroken and need to know how to move on?

We started talking fast and we met and hung out and kissed and a week later, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

then we broke up because of my mom catching me sleeping over at his house. he said we can talk still and get to know each other and make something happen in the future.

I got my hopes up but kept getting let down, he'd ignore me, stop talking to me for a few days, act different, etc. And he always had excuses for not talking to me. He'd say "I thought it was too late", "I thought you started talking to someone else", "I don't like you talking to this guy so I haven't been talking to you"

After him ignoring me and a whole new day of not talking I got to the point where I said fuck it and told him it's obvious we aren't gonna talk anymore and it won't work out and there's no point wasting our times. He said "alright ill accept that, but if you need a friend I'm here".

Well for the past two days I can't stop crying. All I can think about is him, a lot of things remind me of him and I'm replaying all our memories and conversations. I miss him a lot and thought he felt the same. He told me I was special, he was attached to me, and I was everything he looked for a woman and more.

And I guess, now he's gone. And I don't understand why he stopped caring about me and I wish I knew. Part of me still wants to talk to him but I know it'll hurt too much. I know this is for the best but I feel so broken. I break down even when another guy starts talking to me bc I think of my ex.

I know I sound pathetic but he's the realest relationship I ever had and he really meant a lot to me and I believed him when he said I meant a lot to him too. what should I do to just move on & forget about him?


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  • This guys sounds like a piece of shit, the best way to move on is to just not think about, talk to, or see this guy. The more you are reminded of him the longer it takes to recover. And just remember you may miss him now but feeling bad and dwelling on the past is something you are doing to yourself to extend the greaving period, you need to just try moving on. Because why should a nice girl like yourself (im assuming your nice) have to deal with some guys bullshit, there are tons of nice guys out there and you won't find them sitting around sulking about some guy.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, The Biggest Thing Is "Time." Along With Time, You Need To Occupy Yourself, Find A Hobby, Start A Series On Netflix, Just Do SOMETHING, Everybody Is Different So iCant Tell You Exactly How Long It Will Take, Stay Positive...

  • well its rough at a young age but just know you will get through it and you're learning from these experiences. at this point just move on and focus on yourself:) you'll feel better trust me


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