Guys, what are some things I should follow when starting over with an ex?

My bf and I went on a break bc we thought our relationship wasn't healthy and we needed to mature a little. In a little bit, we are going to meet up and start from the beginning by going on dates again. Any advice? What do I need to avoid? How sahould I act?


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  • I think the best way to do this is to set your boundaries. I don't mean be distant with him but rather decide yourself (or together) when you should act as a couple again. Obviously you can't go on one date and then everything's fixed so it's best to try and start over rather than fixing the relationship that was. So, in short, don't rush things. Make the effort to have fun and enjoy yourselves but treat it as any brand new relationship because that is essentially what it is.

    • Yes, it's going to be hard. We dated 2 years before our break. The break just started too, but we set a date to start talking again.

  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Avoid Making The Same Mistakes That May Of Caused The Relationship To Go Rocky, Dont Pretend To Be Something Your Not, But Be The New Improved You, Stay Strong & Stay Positive...


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