Get back together with ex?

I met this guy during our freshman year in high school and started dating, until we eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend. He is very shy (but also very stubborn). The thing is, that a couple of months later we broke up. He went abroad during the summer and we didn’t talk very much. I was really pissed and my female friends told me to cut him off, as this would make him want to pursue me again.

we broke up, he said he was sorry and he wanted to make things work, I told him that i respected myself too much to date a guy who was clearly not into me. he got angry with me, and left

I regretted what i did just a couple of weeks later and tried to casually talk to him at school, but he was clearly angry so I backed off
We ignored each other for months, even though we had many friends in common, but slowly we started talking again and became friends

The thing is, last night we were at a party and we were both drunk. We made out. He said he still cared for me, that he had always cared, that it was not easy for him seeing me every day at school and pretend he didn’t. He told me he made a mistake that he was too immature two years ago, and that he wanted to make things work this time. I told him that we were both clearly too drunk to have that conversation at that very moment, and we should probably speak tomorrow.

He texted me in the morning, telling me he was sorry for being that drunk and that we needed to talk. Today I saw him at school but from the distance. It seemed all of our classmates interested in the details of our “reconciliation” (which bugs me very much as it puts extra pressure on the situation). I haven’t talked to him anymore, and I’m doing my best not to text him asking him if he wants to meet for a chat. My sister keeps telling me that I shouldn’t call him as “he has to work for it” However, she says that this guy is not the type of guy that would tell me all of those things if he didn’t mean it.



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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, If You Want To Make Things Right & Talk To Him Then Do It, If This Guy Means A Lot To You, You Dont Have To Beg, Just Communicate & Tell Him How You Feel, He Possibly Feels The Same Way, Stay Strong & Stay Positive...


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  • Your sister is saying bullshit. You want him back? You get him back. Text him, ask him to meet up and tell him how you feel and ask him for your opinion. He will respect you and you will not look desperate.


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