Update, Can I get my ex back?

Ok well since summer has begun i have messed up really bad my girlfriend dumped me in May because of a couple of reason such as anger, temper, telling her i would like to see her in certain types of clothes, and not being there for her. Well she started talking her bestfriend ex ( her bestfriend dated him when they were little 7th grade ) . So now says she wants me to change ( fix my temper, anger and etc) so i told myself i will fix these problems and come back to see how things go but how can if there is someone else she is talking to possible even dating and she just doesn't want to tell me? Its been 2 months since we broke up we spoke here and a there i begged and stuff to get her back she didn't move seem like she cared but then when i started to change she started to say "i miss you "i mean the the other boy knows about me so its like is he a rebound? Is she just filling the hole that i messed up at? She told my friends he's better then me, and when my friends ask can u give me a second chance she says yes i will but then she changes the decision to "idk" i am wondering is confused about it? For example i am taking anger management classes so i told her i have to go upstate for a while i may not have my phone she told me " dont do this , i am going miss you " i told her "this is the only way for me to at least try to get you back " she started crying and now I don't know what to do or think i mean i am doing no contact until she hits me up i just started the other day so i just wanna know these questions

1. Is he a rebound?
2. Can i get her back?
3. Will NC at least make her miss me?
4. What to do


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  • 1) He might be
    2) Maybe
    3) Yes
    4) Just keep trying to get better and show her that you are


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