I need help. Break up 101?

Hey, So i was wondering what the best way to break up with someone is.

A little back story on my situation is that I've been dating a guy for 2 years and I've been thinking a lot about the future of our relationship and I can't picture marrying him, and staying with him after college. Our sex life is also non-existant now, and I feel like i'm just talking to a good friend instead of a boyfriend. So now, I'm wondering how I can tell him that it's just not working for me anymore. And I know he's going to want to try and fix it, but I know that nothing can really change the way I feel. I need independence. So my question to all the guys is what was the best break up for you? obviously they all suck, but which ones went the most smoothly and why?


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  • I would say just do straight up like go some place quiet and do it there don't right it down on a piece of paper or anything just take a deep breath and come out and say it


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, You Just Have To Tell Him How You Feel, Tell Him You Dont Want To Be In A Relationship, If Your Not Happy Then Get Out Of The Relationship, Set Your Emotions Aside Because He May Beg & Plead But Stay Strong & Stand Firm On This Decision. Set Yourself Free & Be Happy, Live Your Life According To How You Wanna Live It, Communication Is Key, Just Tell Him Flat Out, Stay Strong & Stay Positive...

  • straight forward honest keep it simple keep it sweet and then No contact nothing more than 2 hours nothing less than a minute.. Show that you genuinely cared about the relationship through your tone of voice. Do your best to avoid too many soppy emotions


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