How do you get over an old boyfriend?

This guy and I just broke up, he found a new gf right away, I don't know how to get over him. Any tricks? (and a way I can stay friends with him)


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  • Why would you want to stay friends with someone that you just broke up with? As to getting over him... its easy concentrate on the things that define you, you, and only you to avoid thinking about him. Remember you did say he got a new gf... and right away, what does that tell you about him ms?

    • well, to be honest, the perks of being a rockstar's friend. he is in a band, making his album, he's the drummer, and I just want free concert tickets and when girls fangirl over him, I have the ability to say, "I fucked him"

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, If He Found A Girlfriend "Right Away" Then More Than Likely He Was Already Talking To Her, You Dont Want A Man Like That, All You Can Do Is Find Something To Occupy Your Mind With, & It Will Also Take Time, It May Be A Long Time But Over Time You Will Feel Better, Stay Positive & Stay Strong...

  • His new girlfriend is a rebound. Get a rebound.
    Only time will heal your wounded heart.

    • ahhhhhhhh... that sounds... actually a great idea. and should I show him off? because he talks about his gf all the time

    • Show off to make him jelly? I thought you're trying to get over him.
      Why do you care about his new gf if you're trying to get over him?

    • idk, she's very pretty

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  • it happens, crying over him doesn't make him come back so why make yourself so miserable?
    i act this way for everything :(


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