Should I give up on him? I just can't tho.

Me & my ex broke up many months ago but I think I still have feelings for him. I swear I tried EVERYTHING & I do really mean EVERYTHING To forget him. We recently started talking bc he really wants to be friends with me. A few weeks ago he told me he liked this girl /: . but before that he was flirting with me so much & he dedicated 2 love songs to me & he told me he really loves me. I do too but he likes the other girl & not me :(


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  • It's not all that odd for people to feel something for one another after a break up. That is usually why they delete that person from their lives so that they can forget them since there will always be those memories and feelings. It just doesn't end that easily, it takes time to fade and even then it might not totally be gone. People always go through stuff like that, so don't be surprised you can't forget all that easily, and also, just to keep in mind, it doesn't mean that he is solely the only person for you either.
    Not to rain on your parade, but dedicating a love song or saying "I love you" aren't exactly unheard of within relationships. I mean, personally I have done both those things, although with sincere motives, it doesn't mean that no one else has done so, and couldn't have. I can't say anything for sure because I don't know you, him, or your relationship in general, but by how much I've seen and witness this within relationships of friends, family, and acquaintances, that people use "love" a bit too loosely. I'm not saying he doesn't love you, but perhaps it isn't a genuine unique straight out of a fairy tale love, after all, he flirts with you despite liking another girl.
    What I am trying to point out is that, you can make whatever choice you want, but don't simply let yourself be taken by your emotions alone. You need to think rationally on your feelings, your wants, your thoughts, and what is better for you, and that means to question all these things and him. I mean, you believe you love him, but do you think he is really the one, or is it possible that you can love another? It's never easy, specially depending on how much time and effort you put into the relationship, but you'll back at an experience like this and learn from it, be it by the decision in favor of him, or getting over him. I don't know if you'll regret the decision nor which decision.

    You make what you want of it all. These are just mere opinions of a complete stranger.

    • Also, keep in mind that you are emotionally affected by him, so your thoughts on the whole subject might be influenced by them. You will have to know how to separate yourself from your emotions and think rationally about it all and about yourself. Don't make a decision if you feel that your emotions might blind your reason.

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, You Messed Up, You Can't Be Friends With Your Ex Right Now, You Are Running High On Emotions & Need Time Out For Yourself. Cut All Contact Cause He Is Playing With Your Emotions Even If Its Unintentional. If He Likes That New Girl Then Let Him Go, Stop Talking To Him So YOU Can Feel Better, He Is Stringing You Along & Keeping You On His Hip In Case He & That Other Girl Doesn't Work Out, Detach Yourself & Move On, Over Time You Will Feel Better, iPromise, Stay Strong & Stay Positive...


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