Girl I like with a boyfriend?

I like this girl and she has a boyfriend, and on her instagram it says her boy friends name with hearts next to it. But now it's not there! Did they break up? Would a girls just remove that from her instagram bio just cause?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Anything Could Of Happened, Maybe That Fast They Had A Small Argument & She Took It Down, Maybe Tomorrow They Will Work Things Out & Be Back In Love, Who Knows, Maybe She Is Mad At Him At The Moment !! But Imma Tell You Right Now, Do Not Be Dumb & Talk This Girl Out Of Her Relationship, If You Do This, (Not Only Are Weak & can't Find Your Own Girl) But She More Than Likely Do The Same To You, If They Break Up, Do Not Be The Cause Of It...


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  • They probably broke up, but casually stalk them at school to find out. If she's single go for it.


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