I gave him everything were friends now but I still love him/want him!?

I gave him my all. All of me:( were friends now because of distance (he's in the military) and he won't do a LD relationship!

I guess its been almost a month I don't know i don't count but im still hooked on him. I still love him shoot in love with him and i dont know what to do. Im trying to move on i see he has because he's talking to someone closer to him but not idk. I talk to other guys just to get him out my mind and all but it dont work im still sad at times because i wanna be with him but we can't were far!

Any advice please anything

Also we talk sometimes ( i want it to be all the time) but yea he tells me im always what he's wanted ina gf and all but im to far my head spins
I just have strong feelings for him and nothing is going away


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  • I had the same problem with my ex. I gave him my everything and my all yet he treated me like a dog. Didn't communicate with me whatsoever never made time for me or anything. I know its hard to move on I certainly would though. I woke up one day realizing that i deserved better and I was done being treated the way he treated me. There are more guys that are willing to do anything for there girl you just have to go there and find him. If he's making excuses to do better and a relationship then excuse him out of your life. I can't stand guys that want a girl but don't want to commit to the relationship and just stand around treating them like dirt. You can find someone so much better trust me it just takes time. He might look like the only fish in the sea to you but trust he isn't. Go out and meet other guys and get to know people.


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  • Honestly, I'll avoid the sugar coating. For one, it's wrong of him to tell you these things if he's insured you that it'll never happen. Minimize/cut off all all you're talks with him and don't waste time trying to be with him always. Its been said already it won't happen. Don't go chasing dreams. There just thoughts after all.

  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Enough Time Hasn't Passed By, Just Give It More Time To Let Your Feelings Settle/Die Down, Time Is The Key Factor After A Break-Up, Stay Strong, Stay Positive, & Keep Your Head Held High...


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  • from past experiences no i would move on therefore there are guys on here that are willing to do anything ad everything for a girl they like no matter how far they are they stick with them because thats what makes them happy he's making excuses and distance shouldn't stop love it should bring you guys closer and if he can't put in the effort or work into making things work then he's not willing to put in the work it takes in being in a relationship and he could talk to a lot of women but they still wouldn't be like you so keep standing out from other girls because what he doesn't realize another guy will and there are tons of guys in the service that will go a mile for someone they love he may not be ready to commit or have a long term relationship and is holding off on his feelings for you but he will realize he can't do better then u and when he does i hope you make him work for your love because i did the same thing putting my all in someone i love in the service and honestly he was not at all capable of relationship he was focus on what he had to do and he was not ready for a long term relationship therefore he was still young and making excuses and selfish still today you will find love because i can tell from ur question u have a caring heart

    • thanks for your answer it really helped. Im trying to move on but its just damn i gave my all and was there supporting him. and yeah he was scared of commitment got scared well at least with me because he said he found what he always wanted in a girl than threw me away just like that but thank you again and yess i do have a caring heart YOUR RIGHT I'LL FIND LOVE :) Thanks Again

    • It takes time to get over an ex its not going to be easy but it'll be worth it you are not alone. My ex treated me like dirt and I even gave him everything. You'll find love and the right guy will love you for you. I can't stand mean that don't want to put commitment into a relationship and act like its so hard when its not. I understand its hard forgetting about him, it just takes baby steps. Scared of commitment huh? Sounds like he just didn't want to do his part in the relationship. Trust me you don't deserve him you will find someone better. They're are plenty of more fishes in the sea he isn't the only fish you see. Try to distract yourself and hang out with your friends or go to the movies or do whatever makes you happy. It takes time for a broken heart to heal it won't just go away on its own. Take your time and just heal its just a bruise that's all but it will go away with time.

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