Is he over me that fast?

after 5 years of being in a happy relationship. my bf and i split one month ago, due to the fact we weren't on the same page anymore. one month later he says he's over me... after 5 years? one month? did he just not care


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  • Yes he's over you that quickly. It's a skill we guys have. You can find literally dozens of questions about this ability on this website.

    "did he just not care "

    He very likely did care. But part of this ability to get over a girl so blindingly fast, is that it has the advantage of making the girl doubt the *entire* relationship, frequently hurting her in the process. For some guys post break-up, this aspect is appealing.


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  • It sounds to me like he's hurt and just going through a phase where he wants to make you feel that way.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, He Could Be Saying That To Hurt You Or He Really Is Over You, Sadly Some People Get Over Relationships Faster Than Other Regardless Of The Length Of The Relationship. Now It's Your Turn & Move, It May Be Difficult But You Can Do It, Stay Strong & Stay Positive...

  • Some people don't take that long to get over people so he could be telling the truth but honestly I think it's unlikely he is. He is probably saying that save face or just make him believe that himself. I'm pretty sure after 5 years he cared about you. But don't worry about your broken up now who cares, it no longer matter if he cared, not cared or still cares.


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