After 2 month nc Texting the ex girlfriend what Should I Write?

Hey Guys and girls i thought i will Write something like this : Hey her Name how are you? Do you wanna Meet as Friends for coffee?

Any suggestions how it would be better thanks for the help

And yes i want her back..


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  • Oh yeah the meet as friends for cofee is really good do that one. And maybe sah after,"Yeah I know its been months (don't say two months, or she'll think you still like her) and we haven't talked. :p." Yup thats what you should say without the stuff about not telling her 2 months, but for real don't. :)


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  • I don't think you should preface anything as "as friends". it's not what your intentions are so it could a) be misleading and b) put you in a position where you are fighting from the friend zone

    If you are going to reach out to her just say something like. 'I've been thinking about you a lot and miss hanging out. do you want to go get a coffee?'

    I would either be up front about your intentions or not mention them at all (so either tell her how you are feeling and what you want or don't say anything such as "meet as friends")


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Well Dont Ask To Meet Up Yet, First You Need To Talk & See How She Feels About Coming Back In Contact With You, She Will Either Be Happy/Neutral Or Cold & Distant, Establish How She Feels THEN Suggest Hanging Out, Dont Move Too Fast Either, Stay Positive & Stay Strong No Matter What The Outcome Is...


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