Meeting up with my ex to talk?

So my ex broke up with me about 2 months ago, she broke up with me because stuff was going on in her life and she couldn’t be reliable. she text me a few weeks after, wishing me good luck with my new job, which i replayed with thanks but could i have some space ever since then I've been fine and getting on with my life.

Last week she sent me a text asking how i was and dont worry if i didn't want to talk. i ignored it and thought nothing of it a few days later she sent me a text saying ” i miss talking to you :( ” and she saying she didn't text me even though she wanted to because i asked for space.

the last text she sent me was this which im hoping to get some light shed on “I wasn’t expecting that reply. You can be pretty intense at times. But you can’t put yourself down. There is so much more to you than you know. Sometimes, I can’t give a straight answer at all and then I am lost. Things were awkward but I could see you were trying to understand me. So, I went out with you because I wanted to try to understand you too.” i understand the first two lines but not the rest.

after that text i asked if she wanted to meet up and talk as it's something to do face to face not via text. we’re meeting up on Friday I’m just want some advice on the matter as im getting myself into a state as i really liked this girl and her talking to me again inst helping.
She blew me off in the end, she sent me a text saying she forgot as things have been hectic and chaotic. so I've taken that as my answer thanks for all of your advice.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, If You Meeting Up With Her Isn't Helping You & Your Emotions Then Dont Do It, Either Ignore Or Flat Out Tell Her You Want Nothing Else To Do With Her, Dont Meet Up With Her Just Because She Wants Too, If You Dont Wanna See Her Anymore Then Move On & Continue Living Your Life As You Were Before She Came Back, She Broke Up With You & Didn't Take Your Feelings Into Consideration, Stay Strong & Stay Positive...


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  • You're still heartbroken and her texting doesn't help. She obviously regrets the breakup. I would tell her at this meeting that you want to be left alone and that it's great she cares but she hurt you. I would keep the whole thing brief.

  • Hmm. That is kind of hard to decode as a third party perspective. It sounds like she is talking about your actual relationship you had together. She feels as if you are hard to communicate with... but from what I see, she is poor with communication herself so no one is really to blame in that area.

    My advice is to go in Friday with an open mind. Guard your heart still, however. I am not sure if she just misses you as a person or as a partner. & receive clarity in what she is saying because if you don't, you may be left misunderstanding what she intended to say and be frustrated.

    Best wishes for Friday!


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  • Oh WTF... dude seriously, don't listen to any of the shit below, you will be debating and the girl will be long gone.

    Okay, You want this girl back, correct? And you are meeting her Friday, so that gives you 48hrs MAX to transform yourself from a "I want her" sissy boy to "she better kiss my ass" man.

    Alright, first things first, no contact with her until you see her. Second, start banging out push ups, I don't know if you are already fit or not but if you are athletic do 150 pushups before Friday, if not, then do 100. Don't ask why just do it, and no you don't have to do all at once and if you get sore, pop some advil.

    Second, go buy your self a fresh pair of outfit, something she hasn't seen, also get a neat haircut, change it up, buy a new cologne etc... so on game day you should look n smell worth million bucks, kapish?

    Third, between now and Friday, go get numbers of 10 random girls. No excuses, I don't care who they are, go upto 10 strange women and get their numbers, keep them handy.

    Fourth, On Friday, get a good nights rest and few hours before you go see this girl, call each and every one of these girls whose number you got and ask them out, don't make definitive plans, but ask them when they wanna hang out blah blah... now go jerk off (do it!, its part of the plan), take a shower, put your new outfit on and arrive 10-15mins late to see this girl.

    Fifth, once there, let her talk, give vague answers, cut the meeting short, half hour tops, tell her you will call her and leave, I know, I know what you are thinking, all that for nothing... wrong! Now just sit and wait, watch this girl comes crawling to you, however, YOU don't call or text her, she will, instead you call/text your other girls.

    Then thank me once she is your girl again!


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