Sister and Ex started dating and friends giving me shit over it?

My sister and my Ex have started going out and I seriously don't mind it at all, we ended things on a mutual note and before they started going out they asked me if I was ok with it. and I said whatever since it's none of my business anyway now a lot of people are bringing it to my attention that what my sister did was "Fucked up" and "Betrayal" I don't see it as any of that but it's starting to get too me since people just won't shut up about it how can I get them to stop talking about it? should I just tell them to fuck off even if they're my close friends? I don't know I'm just confused and annoyed since I don't see anything wrong with it it's not like he's my personal property that was "Stolen"


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  • I think you're friends imagine greater hostility between your sister, you and your ex than exists. Were you, your sister, and some of your friends to participate in an activity together wherein you can demonstrate the persistence of the positive relationship between you and your sister, it might cause enough dissonance with your friends' standing opinion that they are shaken from it. I say this in consideration of that very few of my negative impressions of people have persisted after spending time with them in a friendly manner.

    • Hadn't thought of that, actually that's a really good idea.

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    • Did it! didn't really work out since they wouldn't talk to her and said some very snarky things. So I just ended up telling them to back off since I have no problems with it and if they wanted to continue to act rude that they should just go and that I wouldn't choose them over my sister. ehh some of them managed to let it go two others didn't so they just left don't know if I could work it out with them but whatever. Thank you by the way.

    • I hope you got some resolution.

      Having lost some chaff friends (was ostracized from the group with which I spent most of my first two college years) don't sweat a few strained friendships, rough patches like this can help to figure out who in your support network are reliable and who are not.

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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Communication Is Key, Tell Them Exactly How You Feel, Tell Them To Leave You Alone About It, If They Dont, Cut Them Off...


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  • One of my best friends started dating my ex recently. At first I was ok with it. Now, I don't see her the same way. My ex was a bad relationship for me. Really bad!!! So it feels awkward. I don't want him knowing my life anymore. But if he had been a good/healthy relationship, I would say let them be happy. You have moved on. Who cares what other people say?

    • Yeah he's a sweet guy just not "that" guy for me and I swear when I look at him and my sister I hope they settle down one day I'm happy for them, just annoys me the way people are acting like they want me to throw a bitch fit and disown my sister over it...

    • Oh that isn't their place. I would let the dust settle. It may just be shocking for them. If you are positive about it, others will be to

    • Hopefully it settles soon don't like people shit talking my sister...

  • Tell them that you just don't care. Everytime they mention it, act like a bratty uninterested teenager.


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